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including bike and 

citytour from €199,-



Price for 3 days / 2 nights:

from € 199, - pp


- 2 nights in **** hotel Acteon or **** hotel Silken Puerta Valencia, incl. Extensive breakfast. Extension is possible.

- 3 days of access to a good bike, which is ready for you upon arrival at the hotel;

- Or a folding bike with large 24 ”wheels, so you can also cover longer distances quickly

- Pannier/shoulder bag, bicycle helmet, bicycle lighting and safety vest.

- Bicycle tour with an English-speaking guide to a number of striking places in the historic centre, Turia Park and the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences

- Parking garage for safe parking of your bike at the hotel, day and night.


- 2 bicycle / public transport routes of your choice.


- Support buying the correct public transport tickets (price depending on route) and advice/tips on the right stops etc.


- Flexible routes of 20-80 km per day.


- E-bikes, extra-large panniers, child seats or Follow me Tandem available on request (extra charge).


- Adapted cycling routes for children and routes with swimming pools for the summer holidays.

The package starts and ends in Valencia. Your trip to Valencia is not included.

You can easily book these yourself.

There are daily direct flights from the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

A beautiful and sustainable alternative is the train to Spain! You then travel via Paris and Barcelona to Valencia. Especially the last stretch is beautiful, because you drive along the Mediterranean Sea!

Price of the package subject to availability and rate changes.

Fees apply during (local) holidays, weekends and from June 15 to September 15. Request a quote without obligation.

Because we offer anything but 'standard' trips and a lot of flexibility, we do not have an automated booking system.

After completing the booking form, we check the availability of the hotel, our rail bikes and confirm the booking as soon as possible. Enter an alternative date in case we have to change to another date due to the weather.

Please also state your height, so that we can prepare the correct size bicycle. And if you're travelling with children, please mention their age nad heighth so we can provide child seats.



VALENCIA is the cycling city of Spain. Cycling lanes connect the car-free historical center with the beaches along the Mediterranean Sea.  And the sun shines 300 days a year!

Our Citytrip + has some nice extras; You have a bicycle at your disposal during your entire stay and on the first day you will explore the city with an English, German or Dutch-speaking guide.

And if you want, you can cycle one of our other routes independently, also outside the city of Valencia.

During the guided bike tour you will explore the Turia Park (an old river bed right through the city), and cycle along a number of special places in the historic city center.


After that you keep your bike for the rest of your stay and you can go on a discovery tour, in or outside the city. We provide panniers, directions and maps on the spot. You don't have to return your bike at night; simply lock it in your hotel parking lot. And the next day you can immediately go on the road again. Safe, fast and easy.

In combination with the metro and train you can also make beautiful day trips to the mountains and nature reserves nearby. In that case we can also provide a folding bicycle, which is guaranteed to be allowed on public transport, enabling you to make one-way cycling trips and return by train or metro.

If you want to cycle with your children, we provide child seats, bicycles or the unique Follow me tandem. The child's bicycle then hangs behind the parent's bicycle and can be disconnected so that the child can sometimes cycle independently.

View our brochure with the roadmap here and determine how far you want to go.

Routes nearby



Upstream out of the city

Within Valencia you can easily cycle all day along the beach and the river Turia, but you can also follow the river upstream.

The path is not equally good everywhere, but that is part of the adventure!

Length: up to 40 km. Public transport: Metrovalencia, approx. 3x per hour.


Straight through the vegetable garden of Valencia to a huge Roman castle.

From Valencia a bicycle path runs through an agricultural area with small fields, farms and orange plantations.

In Sagunto you can go to the Roman castle and amphitheater, on top of a hill. Or to beautiful. quiet sandy beaches nearby.

Length: 30km. Public transport: Valencia-Sagunto stop train, approx. 2x per hour.


Cycling on an old railway line, straight through the mountains!

Take the train uphill, and roll downhill relaxed again. A trip through a beautiful landscape, full of old railway bridges and tunnels. Fun for all ages.

Public transport: train Valencia-Barracas, Valencia-Caudiel, twice a day

train ticket not included, approx. 4 € one way

The Vía Verde is so long that you can easily make a complete cycling holiday, including overnight stays on the way.

Click here for the complete Via Verde trip.


Sail a boat, watch strange birds and eat the real paella!

Via a bicycle path through the dunes you reach the Albufera lake; an important stop for migratory birds. A rare specimen can always be seen at the visitor center. Rice fields surround the lake; The best place to taste a real paella!

Length: 30-60km. Public transport: slow train Valencia-Sueca or Cullera, approx. 2x per hour

Train ticket not included, approx. 4 € one way



A rugged mountain area with quiet asphalt roads and picturesque villages.

From the Nules train station you can cycle slowly uphill, or we will arrange a bicycle taxi that will quickly bring you to an altitude of 500 or 800 meters, at the 17th century village of Aín. From here you roll down again, straight through the olive and orange plantations to the sea.

Length: 40km. Public transport: Valencia-Nules stop train, approx. 2x per hour. Surcharge train and bicycle taxi on request.

All routes are possible almost every day of the year. Stock Photo - Stock Photo - Stock Photos

Participants in our tours are expected to take out travel and accident insurance themselves.

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