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We have endeavoured to offer the highest comfort possible and hence we have carefully selected accommodation options. 3***/ 4**** hotels , charming rural houses or farmsteads and high-grade B&Bs.

Breakfast is included.


LOW SEASON 07.01.18 – 10.03.18|08.04.18 – 26.05.18 |16.09.18 – 27.10.18 |18.11.18 – 22.12.18

Price for the tour package, per person, occupancy of a double room:

€ 663 + bike hire, see below


MID SEASON   27.05.18 – 30.06.18 |02.09.18 – 15.09.18

Price for the tour package, per person, occupancy of a double room:

€ 675 + bike hire, see below


HIGH SEASON  11.03.18 – 07.04.18| 01.07.18 – 01.09.18 | 28.10.18 – 17.11.18

Price for the tour package, per person, occupancy of a double room:

€ 710 + bike hire, see below



Accommodation, breakfast buffet breakfast or otherwise, detailed route information, maps, description of places of interest (available in English and Spanish) General assistance in Dutch and / or technical assistance on site from 9:00 tot18.00u. Luggage transfer from one to the other property, GPS navigation device programmed with route



Half board 6 days (excl. the last day in Valencia): per person, € 184

Surcharge single room: € 200



Bike rental: € 89 per person

E-bike: € 156 per person

A deposit and proof of ID may be required by our local bike rental partner


Extra night in Biar (before the tour starts):

€ 37 per person


Extra night in hotel Acteon Valencia (before or after the tour has finished):

€ 37,50 per person, occupancy of a double room

€ 69 per person in case of single use of double room


Train from Alicante to Villena on the first day (45 minutes, € 10 per person)

Trein from Valencia to Villena on the first day (1h 15 minutes, € 15 per person)




Bike rental (see above), lunch and dinner, any extra nights, travel and personal accident insurance, transfers on first and last day (train or taxi), your flight or bus to Spain


All rates subject to availability and change.


We speak English, Dutch, German, and Spanish.

Tour Summary


De provincies Valencia en Alicante zijn een 'land van contrasten'; van wijn en sinaasappelen; olijven en amandelen; rivieren en zee; stad en gehuchten; ruige bergen en groene valleien; boomgaarden en pijnbomen, van moderniteit en geschiedenis.

We hebben 2 mooie routes om van Alicante naar Valencia te fietsen: Een route door het binnenland (met wat klimmen dalen) en een route langs de kust, nagenoeg vlak.

De eerste route -via het binnenland- staat beschreven op deze pagina. De kustroute verschijnt binnenkort op deze website. Nu al nieuwsgierig naar de kustroute? Stuur dan even een berichtje.


Je gaat een stap terug in de tijd, naar de echo's van verloren tijden en culturen. Je pedalen zullen je zachtjes voortbewegen in een wereld die maar weinigen kennen of ooit ontdekken, bevolkt door een trotse en gastvrije mensen.

Je rijdt deze tour zelfstandig, volgens onze routebeschrijving en/of GPS.

De totale lengte is 200-260 kilometer. Op sommige punten kun je een korte of lange route kiezen.

Het is mogelijk om het hele jaar door te beginnen (elke zondag) en het vertrek is gegarandeerd, zelfs voor slechts één deelnemer!

De eerste twee dagen fiets je parallel aan een voormalige spoorweg. In het algemeen  rijd je over kleine, verkeersarme weggetjes.


De totale reis duurt 8 dagen (7 nachten).

Elke dag wordt je bagage naar de volgende locatie vervoerd.


De moeilijkheidsgraad is 3 (op een schaal van 5). De aard van de route is zo ontworpen dat deze, voor zover mogelijk, gebruik maakt van hellingen langs valleien die beginnen in het binnenland en zich een weg banen naar kustvlaktes en de zee (bergaf). Enige conditie en ervaring met fietsen is aan te bevelen; Op de meeste trajecten hebben we verschillende alternatieven, om de rit te kunnen verkorten of verlengen.



Door deze routes te combineren met de fietstocht op de Vía Verde (gemakkelijker) of Camino del Cid (moeilijker) kun je een fietstocht maken van maximaal 15 dagen. Voor deze reizen is het minimumaantal deelnemers 2.


De beschrijving hieronder heeft betrekking op de route via het binnenland. De kustroute volgt binnenkort op deze site.

Day 1: Arrival in Biar


To get to the starting point, you can take a train to Villena from either Allicante (40 minutes, 10€ per person) or Valencia (1h15, 15€ per person). We then provide a taxi from Villena to Biar, where you stay for one night..

Biar is a city well-endowed in heritage sites and crowned by its fanciful 12th Century castle that has witnessed many historic episodes. You can wander around its old quarter with its maze of narrow streets and discover, at our leisure, many quaint squares and churches, etc. How about trying some local fare in one of the many bars and restaurants


Day 2: Biar – Bocairent. 24/32/46 Km


You make use of the route provided by a former railway that goes parallel to the River Vinalopó. You’ll pass fruit-tree orchards and many small villages as we approach Banyeres de Mariola; in this town, you can choose between two routes:

Route 1: continuing on flat terrain and bordering the natural enclave known as paraje natural de la Serra de Mariola that in just a few kilometres will take us to Bocairent.

Route 2: you venture into the Paraje Natural de la Sierra de Mariola, and ride to higher ground. Here you’ll marvel at the stunning views, the flora and the fauna. You then head to the imposing medieval town of Bocairent for the night’s accommodation. Not to be missed is a stroll in its old quarter.


Day 3: Bocairent – Fontanars. 21 / 34 Km


After a healthy breakfast, we set out in the direction of vineyard country.

You take the green route that will take us to La Valleta d’ Agres, conducive to a serene frame of mind as you pedal past groves of fruit trees at the foothills of the impressive mountain range known as Serra de Mariola. You’ll go through villages like Alfafara and Agres, marked by their own distinctive characters. That night our accommodation you’ll be in a truly privileged rural setting.


Day 4: Fontanars circular. 28 / 44 Km


You ride along a quiet lane past peaceful fields sown with cereals, and studded with olive groves and vineyards. Look out for grand buildings that blend into the landscape, as you make your way to Fontanars dels Alforins. Some of the former noblemen’s houses have been converted into wineries and in the village you can visit speciality shops that offer artesanal delicacies and craft items. If you coose the longer route, you will have the opportunity to visit Iberian town called “La Bastida” which has magnificent views. IV century b.c.


Day 5: Fontanars –Xàtiva. 43 Km


You’ll start the day pedalling past verdant fields and fertile groves of almond, olive and apricot trees, all making a patchwork with persimmon plantations and old vineyards. You’ll venture into Ontinyent with its historic heart. You’ll come across small villages and hamlets as we head to the shores of the Bellús dam. The area around the dam is of great scenic and ecological value. You’ll come across a number of cultural artefacts such as old watermills, azuts (water diversion dams) and elements of irrigation infrastructure. The lands around here are the most fertile in the district and not surprisingly, market gardens are plentiful. You’ll take a path bordering the gorge of the Albaida River, (in spring/summer we can take a dip in its waters to cool off). You will then head to the noble town of Xàtiva, a place steeped in history and crowned by an imposing castle.


Day 6: Xàtiva – Cullera. 55 Km


You depart from the city of Xàtiva and delved deeply into the hinterland of València with its verdant market gardens and orange groves. The area is renowned for its quality oranges which are blessed by the climatic conditions of the Mediterranean. Another advantage is that there is sunshine and pleasant weather all year round. You’ll take quiet roads and paths that weave their way through orange groves that make up a rich green tapestry along the floor of the valley. You venture into a pretty little valley to follow part of the pilgrimage route that linked different monasteries and where there is the opportunity to explore the imposing monastery of Simat de la Valldigna. Amongst rice fields, you’ll arrive in Cullera, a coastal city with beautiful sea views where you’ll be able to taste some of the rice specialties of the area. This town has plenty of beaches that you can enjoy even in winter if the sun is shine.


Day 7: Cullera – València. 46 / 56 Km


If you choose the longer option, you’ll start the day by cycling along the banks of the River Xúquer, the waters of which irrigate the many, lush fields and groves of the whole district.

You venture into the natural reserve known as Parque Natural de la Albufera, one of the most valuable ecosystems in the Mediterranean. You’ll be able to marvel at different natural environments such as lakes, marshes, sand-dunes and pinewoods that border the seafront. All of these ecosystems have their corresponding flora and fauna.

It is well worth enjoying one of the typical dishes of this rather special district. You can go for a stroll by the port and see the fisherman at work before they return home to picturesque El Palmar.

Upon reaching Valencia, you’ll explore the formidable old quarter with its cathedral and central market – a cathedral of a market, indeed! Not to be missed are the narrow streets and squares that offer so many kinds of cafés, bars and restaurants. The lovers of good food will be pleased. The city’s nightlife is also famous.


Day 8: València

After a good breakfast, the trip will be formally over.