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Through our website, you can request information and quotes.

The information that you provide via the website or email, we only use to organize your trip.

For practical reasons, we may disclose your name and/or phone number to a hotel, B & B, or to drivers or guides who should collect or accompany you 'on location'.



On our site, you can not book directly.

Once we receive your request, we first check the availability of accommodation, vehicles/transfers, bikes, guides or companions.

After this first check, we will send you via email a quote.

Once we receive your agreement via email, we ask for a deposit to confirm the reservation. Once you pay the deposit, we confirm your booking. 

The rest of the fare must be paid for within 14 days prior to the start of your excursion or holidays.

On booking within 14 days before starting, the full amount must be paid immediately.


CANCELLATION policy, according to Spanish legislation concerning 'viajes combinados' (package holidays) 

In the event that the organizer cancels the package tour before the agreed departure date, for whatever reason that can not be attributed to the customer, the customer is entitled to a refund of all amounts paid in accordance with this contract from the moment of termination of the contract. or the realization of another combined journey of equivalent or superior quality when the organizer or retailer can propose it. In the event that the offered trip is of inferior quality, the travel agency must pay the customer, the price difference, according to the contract.
The organizer and the seller are responsible for the payment to the consumer of the compensation that, if applicable, corresponds to breach of contract, which in no case may be less than 5 percent of the total price of the contracted trip, if the aforementioned infringement takes place between two months and fifteen days immediately preceding the planned date of completion of the trip; 10 percent if it occurs between the fifteen and three days before and 25 percent in case the above-mentioned nonconformity occurs in the previous forty-eight hours.
There is no obligation to compensate in the following cases:
(a) If the cancellation is due to the fact that the number of persons registered for the combined journey is lower than the requirement and thus communicated to the consumer in writing before the deadline set in the contract for this purpose.
b) When the cancellation of the voyage is the result of force majeure, the understanding of such adverse weather conditions or climatic conditions, which prevent, in safety conditions, either the voyage or stay at the destination, as well as various socio-political circumstances from preventing existing at the time of signature of this contract (case of coup d'état, epidemics, outbreaks of social violence, strikes, etc.).
Similarly, the customer may waive the contracted services, with the right to refund the amounts paid, but he must compensate the organizer or the seller in the amounts specified below:
It pays 
booking fees, cancellation fees (for example, cancellation of airline tickets that are not reimbursed by the airline), if applicable, and a penalty of 5% of the total amount of the trip, if the Withdrawal occurs with more than ten and less than fifteen days before the date of the start of the journey; 15 percent between day three and ten and 25 percent within forty-eight hours before departure.
If the consumer or user does not appear at the start of the journey (no-show), he is obliged to pay the total amount of the contracted tour/package
, or outstanding amounts.



Once you pay the deposit for your booking, we have to confirm your accommodation and services a.s.a.p.

If the minimum number of participants of a trip is not achieved, we have to inform you a.s.a.p and we may cancel a planned vacation.

In that case, you will get back any advance payments.


In case you -or one of the participants in your group- are not able to take part in the excursion or holidays, you can send another person  instead, under the same conditions as established in the booking. You're still responsable for the payment. You should notify SPAINISH of this change a.s.a.p. The change of name is free of charge and can only be made up to 14 days prior to starting the excursion or holidays.



Our holidays and excursions start in the Valencian Community, Spain.

Your trip to Valencia is at your own expense and at your own risk. If you arrive too late and miss a transfer or part of a trip or tour,

we will do our best to connect you as soon as possible with the rest of the tour group. Any additional cost for this extra transfers/taxis, however, in this case for your own account. If you don't appear on the scheduled day for your tour or holidays, you may lose the opportunity to start and there's no refund.



When you return prematurely, we can not provide refunds for the already booked hotels, trips or meals.


We encourage you to buy a travel, accident and/or cancellation insurance before arriving in Spain.



In extreme weather conditions or emergencies, we may need to adjust, interrupt, reschedule or cancel the route. This is no reason for a refund. We'll do our best to enable you continuing your holidays the best possible way. We can arrange taxis for you (and probably your bicycles) to avoid heavy rainfall, thunderstorms or other extreme weather conditions. However, these extra transfers are for your own expense.



We recommend everyone to wear a helmet.

In Spain, the use of the helmet is mandatory for anyone under 16 years old.



We work with several rental companies for the bicycles.

In some cases, they may ask for a deposit and/or a small charge, which covers any damage and/or theft.

You may be asked to identify yourselves.



Hotels are obliged to register their guests and may, therefore, ask for your ID.

Some hotels (like hotel Acteon Valencia) ask at check-in for a credit card as a deposit for extra services like meals and drinks in their restaurant.

This is part of their policy and nothing to worry about. If you don't use any of these extra services, nothing will be charged from your credit card.



For the execution of our excursions and tours we work with local carriers and tour operators.

They are primarily responsible and accountable for the quality and safety of their services.

Any complaint about these sub-contracted services have to be written by email.



All information on our website is subject to change and based on availability. Indicated distances and routes are indicative.

Any errors in pricing are corrected once you get our final proposal and confirmation of the booking.



SPAINISH is a licensed travel agency and registered with Conselleria de Turismo de Valencia under number CV-Mm1871-V.

You can make complaints about our service.

Part of our license is compulsory liability insurance as a travel agent.

All our agreements are subject to Spanish law.

The brand SPAINISH registered with the Spanish Agency for trademarks and patents in Madrid.



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