COVID 19 UPDATES (last update: 13/09/2020)
There are currently no travel restrictions for tourists within Spain.
Certain villages, cities or neighbourhoods may be temporarily closed to contain a local outbreak.
Precautions, Security and Flexibility



The Spanish government has taken strict precautions to ensure the safety of tourists.

All accommodations and transport companies act according to strict hygiene and personal distance protocols.

At this time, in all catering establishments, tables must be placed at least 2 meters apart

Each group or family has its own table. The tables are cleaned before each new party.

Common areas in hotels will remain closed for the time being. Breakfast will be served individually or in the room.

Hotel rooms must remain empty for 24 hours before being re-occupied by new guests.


In public transport and all (public) areas the use of mouth masks is mandatory, except for the beach or during sports and/or activities in nature.

As the organizer of your holiday, we take care of:

- gloves, gel and mouth mask for all participants for the first day

Mouth masks and disinfectant gel can be purchased at any pharmacy (and many supermarkets) en route.

- disinfection of the material supplied by us, such as bicycles, helmets, tools, etc.

You can also buy brand new helmets from us, if you prefer.

Please let us know in advance so that we can purchase the right size and model for you.


If you have to change your trip due to a new outbreak of COVID19 in Spain, we will participate in changing all accommodation and service reservations on the chosen route free of charge.


For new bookings (from July 2020) we require a deposit of only 10% of the total travel sum.

(Usual is 25-35%). You pay this at the time of the reservation.

The rest of your travel sum you only pay 8 days before departure (normally that is 14 days.)

All (down) payments for the trip are covered by a legal guarantee scheme,

so that even in case of bankruptcy of the organizer, you will get your money back.

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All information and rates on this website are subject to change. The mentioned rates are minimum rates per person, based on the maximum size of the group. Rates may vary depending on the number of participants. 

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