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from € 59

Cycle through the mountains on the former mining railway 'Via Verde Ojos Negros'. You start at 1000 meters above sea level and after a few kilometers you almost automatically roll down the mountain, passing many tunnels, bridges and abandoned stations, in spectacular and constantly changing landscapes.

There are a lot of picnic areas along the way and a number of restaurants in villages on the route.  

Travel to the starting point with our private driver or take the train; in both cases you already enjoy the beautiful landscape on the outward journey. Minimum 2 participants.

This tour is also available a multiple-day holiday , including overnight stays.

Level: Easy, also for children.

Distance: 32-40-60 km

Including: Bicycle, Helmet, Pannier, Briefing and directions in English

from 59 € pp (including train from Valencia)

or 109 € pp (with driver from Valencia)

Look here for all the details



from € 39

An easy bike ride along the banks of the Jucar River, surrounded by orange and khaki orchards.

You follow our description in English and / or GPS, wherever possible over cycle paths, quiet secondary roads, and river dikes.

On your route you will find a number of nice villages with typical restaurants and bars.

You can also join a paella cooking workshop  on the way.

Watch the video here. Price depending on the number of participants.

You can also book this tour as a multi-day trip , with overnight stays en route.

Start and end point: Sueca train station.

The train to / from Valencia stops here every hour. The train ticket costs approx. € 4 pp

Including: bicycle rental, Briefing/directions in English before departure.

Level: Easy, also for families. Child seats available.



WALKING with guide

from € 65

In the Sierra de Espadán, each village has its own castle or - ruin - from the Moorish period.

There is also a huge line of defense with trenches from the Spanish Civil War.

Some are easy to reach, others only after a strenuous hike and climb.

The hike starts in Sueras or Aín. In both cases we walk past a castle to the tops of the mountains, literally through the trenches, with dozens of machine gun nests and lookouts. The view is breathtaking.

The trip can be extended at extra cost with a visit to Jinquer, a village that was evacuated in the Spanish civil war and has since been abandoned.

Hiking excursion:

6-8 persons: € 65 pp

4 persons: € 69 pp

2 persons: € 109 pp


Not included: transfer from your hotel in Valencia to the starting point. (price on request)

This tour is also available as part of a multi-day walking holiday , including overnight stays.

Walking level: Advanced.

Distance: 15 km

Includes: English speaking guide




from € 79

Accompanied by a mountain guide, you will go to the top of the Sierra de Calderona, a jagged and fabulously beautiful mountain area that rises behind the city of Valencia.

Depending on the level of the group, you will hike or scramble over huge boulders (secured with ropes) to the top, opening

magnificent views of the jagged red sandstone cliffs, the Mediterranean Sea and and the Bay of Valencia.


The mentioned price applies to a minimum of 4 participants. You will be picked up from Sagunto station. You can easily take the train from Valencia to Sagunto; the train leaves 2x per hour, the journey takes 30 minutes and costs approx. € 4

A taxi from Valencia (4 people) costs about 50 €.

If you choose the 'scramble route' where climbing ropes are required, the additional cost is € 10 pp. Experience with (mountain) climbing is not necessary, just a generous amount of guts. And control over your balance.

Otherwise it is better to take the normal walking route.

Level: Easy or Difficult.

Duration: approx. 5 hours

Includes: English speaking, certified guide, climbing equipment, transport from Sagunto train station.



WALKING with guide

from € 65

Go on an expedition with our guide through the 'Mediterranean jungle'; the Sierra de Espadán. Characteristic are the many springs, streams and cork oaks, with branches in all kinds of bizarre shapes. And the rocks of 'rodeno'; whimsical, red sandstone. We walk through a dense cork forest, walk over gurgling streams and see a 13th century castle. Finally, we visit the picturesque 17th century village of Aín, with ancient irrigation channels and aqueducts, which bring the water to the water mill and the laundry.  

You can end the tour at the village bar or restaurant (own expense).

Tour including local expert / guide (Spanish / English) and picnic en route with local products.

6-8 persons: € 65 pp

4 persons: € 89 pp

2 persons: € 119 pp

excl. transport from your hotel in Valencia to the starting point.

Note: During this tour you will 'climb' here and there and descend on uneven paths. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

This tour is also available as part of a multi-day walking holiday , including overnight stays.

Walking level: Advanced.

Distance: 15 km

Included: English speaking guide


WALKING with guide

from € 79

The perfect tour for nature lovers and photographers, led by a bird expert.


The nature reserves, mountains, lakes and wetlands in the Region of Valencia and Teruel are important stopping places for migratory birds. Depending on the season, we will take you to the best spots for bird watching. It is a quest, wandering to nature.

If you are interested in a specific bird species, we can look for it. The group size is limited to a maximum of 4 people to disturb the birds as little as possible.

It is possible to book a fully arranged multi-day program, including all overnight stays and transport from Valencia.

Rates for these exclusive tours on request.

Available in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Level: Easy, also fun for children.



BIKE RIDE with guide

from € 65

Cycle from Valencia through the dunes to the Albufera lake. There you go with a nature guide in search of special birds and plants in a special ecosystem between the dunes and the rice fields, with an ancient irrigation system.

Fresh and salt water play an important role in this. The area changes with the cycle of rice cultivation.

At the end of May, the rice plants emerge and the water changes into a bright green sea.

Along the route there are many restaurants where you can eat paella after the excursion. Or follow a paella workshop and learn how to make it yourself!

Watch the video here. Price for the cooking workshop on request, depending on the number of participants.

This tour is also available in a multi-day variant including overnight stays.

Level: Easy, even with children.

Distance: 35-45 km

Includes: Bicycle, bicycle bag or basket, English speaking guide, use of binoculars and digital birding guide,

Start and Finish: Avenida del Puerto, Valencia.

Price: 65 € pp with 8 participants,

99 € for 4 people



WALKING with guide

from € 65

When you think of 'Urban Art' and grafiti, you don't immediately think of a mountain village. Fanzara is an open-air museum in the valley of the Mijares River. You can find here
beautiful, often house-high graffiti, drawings or installations on every street corner. And the baroque interior of the village church is also worth seeing.
The walk to Fanzara starts in Argelita, where the last Moorish king of Valencia resided. We climb the tower of his former castle. Then we walk through the river Vilahermosa through the mountains, with a beautiful view over the river Mijares.

6-8 persons: € 65 pp

4 persons: € 89 pp

2 persons: € 119 pp

+ Customized transport from your hotel in Valencia to the starting point. (price on request)

On the way you may encounter some uneven, gravel paths. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

This tour is also available as part of a multi-day walking holiday , including overnight stays.

Walking level: Average.

Distance: 13 km

Included: English speaking guide, picnic en route based on local products

Mar Montana, fietstocht bergaf tot bij de zee
Expeditie Espadán, sportieve fietstocht door de bergen
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