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Included: Bicycle rental, helmet, bicycle bag, delivery of the bicycles at the starting point, route description, repair kit, and  explanation. Child seats and trailers are available on request. In case of serious mechanical problems with the bicycle, we will repair or replace the bicycle on site.


If you travel by train from Valencia or Sagunto to starting point Barracas, the price is €59.00 pp (minimum 2 participants.)

Children up to 12 years (accompanied by 2 adults): €39.00 pp

Children up to 4 years (in child seat on the back of the bike): 5€.

At the station in Valencia, you will receive the train ticket to Barracas, route info/map, and an explanation.

We buy the Valencia-Barracas train ticket for you in advance and it is included in the price.

The bikes are waiting for you at the starting point. Bike rental and helmets are included.

After the bike ride, take the train from Navajas back to Valencia (not included, since it´s not possible to buy this ticket in advance.) You pay 7€ pp once on board of the train.

It is possible to extend the day trip by 15 or 25 km. In that case, you will also drive over the spectacular bridge and ravine at Albentosa. Surcharge: €15 per person.


Prefer private transport from your hotel in Valencia or Sagunto/Canet?

€ 109 per person with 2 or 3 adults.

€ 89 pp with 4 or more adults.

It is possible to extend the day trip by 15 or 25 km. In that case, you will also drive over the spectacular bridge and ravine at Albentosa. Surcharge: €15 per person.


Drive your own (rental) car to the starting point Barracas. There the bikes are ready and you get an explanation about the route. Afterward, while the rest of the group has a drink in Navajas, 1 person is brought back upstairs to collect the car.

Price per person: €49,-,

minimum 2 participants

It is possible to take a day trip with 15 or 25 km. In that case, you will also drive over the spectacular bridge and ravine at Albentosa. Surcharge: €15 per person.


In Barracas you can possibly buy sandwiches or tapas to take with you. There are also a few bars and restaurants in the villages along the way where you can eat or drink something.

The tour is available almost every day of the year. Special cycling clothing is not necessary.

In the summer you can swim in (public) swimming pools close to the route and at the end of the tour, you can paddle under a 30-m-high waterfall! (Entrance €3,- pp)

If bad weather is predicted in the mountains, we will move the tour to another day.

Sometimes it may be necessary to adjust or shorten the tour due to flooding, snow, ice or mud on the route.

After completing the booking form, we check the availability of our driver and the bikes and confirm the booking asap. Please also enter an alternative date in case we have to deviate to another date due to the weather.

Please also state your height, so that we can prepare the correct size bicycle. And if you have children, please let us know how many and how old they are so we can provide child seats for both the car and the bike. 


Your safety has our attention, but it remains your own responsibility.

There is no guide on this tour, you cycle at your own pace. You will receive from us and helm  and ask you to drive carefully.

Participants are expected to take out their own travel and accident insurance. We can take out insurance via ARAG for €5 per participant per day. Conditions on request.



Cycle through the mountains on the former mining railway 'Via Verde Ojos Negros'. It's an easy bike ride: you're riding downhill almost all the time! From Valencia or Sagunto we will first take you to Barracas or Sarrion/Albentosa (over 1000m above sea level), to enjoy the most beautiful stretch of Spain's longest rail cycle path. It is famous for its many tunnels, bridges and abandoned stations, in a spectacular landscape that changes every time.


In the summer you can swim in (public) pools close to the route and at the end of the tour you can paddle under a 30 meter high waterfall!

Travel to the starting point with our private driver or take the train; in both cases you can already enjoy the beautiful landscape on the outward journey. Do you own a (rental) car? Then you can also drive to the starting point yourself. Once on top of the mountain, we will receive you, tell you everything about the route and provide you with bicycles, a bicycle bag and a route description.

Then you cycle independently, at your own pace. Along the way you will find the necessary picnic areas and a number of villages to stop for a drink or to eat. On request, we will set up a picnic table exclusively for you at a special spot along the route.

You can also book a fully organized 5-day bike tour , where you cycle the entire route (more than 200 km) from Ojos Negros (Teruel Region) to Valencia.

Curious ? Read the article (PDF) about this trip below, written by Kees Volkers and published in 'de Vogelvrij Fietser', the magazine of the Fietsersbond.


The default distance is 40 km from Barracas to Navajas.

If you cycle with children, you can also end the tour after 22km (Benafer) or 32 km (Jerica).

Optionally, you can extend the tour to 55 or 60 kilometres, starting further inland, at the village of Sarrion or the  spectacular Albentosa viaduct.

It is about an hour's drive from Valencia to the starting point by road. The train takes a little longer, but the journey to the starting point alone is worth it! Along the way you see the landscape change dramatically and you look out over the Sierra de Calderona, Sierra Espadán and orange groves.


Starting point Barracas is situated on a high plateau, 1000 m above sea level. The first kiometres of the cycling track are almost flat, without slopes. The rest is a gruadual descent, so it's easy cycling! The rail bike path cuts right through rocks of red sandstone and follows gorges. Along the way you pass abandoned stations and cross beautiful railway bridges and a number of tunnels.


The first village on your route is Caudiel, where you can stop for 'tapas' or lunch in one of the bars.


Next village is Jerica, with a number of bars, restaurants and terraces right along the route. And finally, you arrive in Navajas, a village with photogenic villas from the early 1900s.

If you have some time left, you can also visit the spectacular waterfall "Salto de la Novia"


In Navajas the tour ends and you return either by train or private driver.

It takes 45 minutes by car or About an hour by train to get to Valencia.

If booked in advance, you could start at Sarrion, about 15 km further inland. As a bonus, you cross the 50-meter-high railway bridge over the magnificent Albentosa canyon and you drive through one of the longest tunnels of the route, about 400 meters long.

You can also book a fully organized 5-day bike tour, cycling the entire route (over 200km) from the mine in Ojos Negros (Teruel Region) to Valencia.

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